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    Who are Lulu and Hershey?

    Despite running their own TV station and a coffee shop that boasts a Renaissance genius behind its counter, despite providing political commentary with the aid of a time machine built in a garden shed, despite Hershey’s long and distinguished history in pop music, perhaps the biggest surprise about Hershey 'n' Lulu is that they are real dogs.

    I met Hershey in the summer of 2008 when I first visited the beautiful woman who would eventually become my wife. Despite having grown up in Manhattan, Hershey was then living way across the country in Seattle. When I went to live with Merrill and Hershey a few months later, Hershey and I became fast friends. 

    Hershey’s beginnings as a cartoon character began when I would make a lunch box for Merrill to take to work every day. I had always been struck by the “get good grades” note that Charlie Brown’s Mom would put in his brown bag lunch, and I began putting something similar into Merrill’s. Almost immediately my messages found their way into voice balloons issuing from a scribbled version of Hershey's face or my own. 


    These grew ...

    And became more Ambitious ...


    Absurdly so in some cases ...

    As it says in this 'Secret Origins' panel, we were all heartbroken when Hershey died.

    Merrill and I spent a whole summer without a dog in our lives. It was during this time - after Hershey had died, but before Lulu was born - that I started drawing them together. Somehow the idea emerged that there was a place where dead and yet-to-be-born dogs hung out together ... Obviously this was before I even knew what Lulu would look like.

    And I could never have imagined what a beauty she turned out to be!

    In May 2014 Merrill and Lulu and I drove cross-country to finally move house back from Seattle to upstate New York. This was when Hershey 'n' Lulu's adventures really took off.

    I called the book of our travels "A Tale of Two Cities" and for the months before and after our actual ten-day journey I filled it with pictures of Lulu, Hershey, Merrill, and myself on the road ...

    I gave the book to Merrill for her birthday, and she was so pleased with it that she showed to everyone who came to visit us in our new home ...

    One of the people she showed it to was our dear friend Maria Nation - who was also the person who had put us in touch with Lulu's breeder, so we already thought she was wonderful. It was Maria who introduced me to David Scribner, editor of The Berkshire Edge. Unbelievably, David and his publisher Marcie Setlow were willing to pay me to draw a Lulu 'n' Hershey cartoon for them every day. And they continued to do that more or less for a whole year, until they decided they couldn't afford us any more.


    To be honest we really missed appearing in a newspaper every day, even if it was just a virtual one. Then, with the presidential election looming and Donald Trump just seeming to get more and more horrible, we decided that this was our time to get back into the game. (We wrote a Dog Blog post explaining our thinking here.)   The Berkshire Edge still can't afford to pay us, so this time around we're doing the cartoons for free.

  • Hot off the press ...

    The Dog Blog

    Starting this January, our old friends Jessa and Jared get their own strip! They'll be appearing in every (quarterly) issue of the Park Slope Reader, and in fact you might well be a Reader reader who's here to find out more about them. So here's the scoop: Lulu 'n' Hershey have hung out in Cafe...
    A lot of you enjoyed last week's blog post that included some of the cartoons that Hershey drew for the New Yorker, even though they were turned down, every single one of them. So here, and rather in the spirit of "what were they thinking?" are a few more that the New Yorker rejected ... Well...
    We've had some requests to post all the Donald Tr*mp cartoons in one place, so here they are in date order [July-August 2015:] [Week commencing September 14, 2015:] [Week commencing July 4, 2016]. [Beginning July 13, 2015:] Week commencing July 18, 2016;] Week commencing July 25, 2016...
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  • Seriously ... HELP!

    Please help us find a new publisher

    We will always be grateful to the people at The Berkshire Edge. They gave us our big break. Starting in January 2015 they published us seven days a week to begin with, then five days a week, then three days a week. Then they decided they couldn't afford us at all ...


    So now we are looking for a similar daily news site, or a newspaper, or a magazine, or anywhere really that might be interested in publishing us on a regular basis. We are very

    funny (!) and we were very popular at The Berkshire Edge ...


    So, if you have any ideas, any contacts, best of all if you are the publisher of The New York Times, please get in touch. Now!

  • The Secret Origins of Lulu 'n' Hershey

    Originally published May 25-29, 2015

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    The standard price for the original drawings in ink on watercolor paper is $200. They are behind perspex in pale wood frames. Very chic!

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